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Surface Dressing

Surface dressing is a well-established preventative maintenance treatment that restores the road surface, making it waterproof and enhances skid resistance. We spray the road surface with bitumen and press new stone chippings into the bitumen binder. This seals the road against the ingress of water, and improves texture of the surface. Advantages of surface dressing;

  • It is one of the fastest and most economical ways of sealing cracks (bitumen seals the existing surface against the ingress of harmful moisture) reducing the likelihood of potholes forming;
  • It reduces the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, slowing down the oxidisation process;
  • It can be applied to any class of road or footpath;
  • It improves grip (chippings provide a new, skid-resistant surface);
  • It reduces the risk of aquaplaning on roads, thereby helping to reduce the possibility of accidents;
  • It can extend the life of a road by up to 10 years

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